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Version 20.6 Update

Date: 3rd December 2020

Version Number:

Release notes:

We've Just released an update for Designer Pro+. The program should let you know on startup that an update is available, or go to Help > Check for Updates.

What's New?

PDF Improvements

In this update, we've made a number of bug fixes and improvements to our PDF filter. Importing PDF's will be a lot more accurate and reliable.

PDF Fonts

We've also changed the way we handle fonts within a PDF. Most PDF files include a subset of the fonts used, or embed the font file so it can be displayed accurately in a PDF viewer. Previously, these fonts would not always be used and often Designer Pro+ would use a similar named local font. This means the appearance of text could vary depending on what was installed, and resulted in an inconsistent editing experience.

Now, Designer Pro+ will always use the fonts from the PDF (if they are included) so text should appear exactly as the author intended. They will appear with the prefix PDF- in the font name so you can distinguish them from local fonts.

Font Replacement

PDF fonts usually only include a subset made of the characters that are included, so if you type a character that is not included, it can't display correctly. Previously when this happened, Designer Pro+ would use a different font that would often look out of place. Now, if you type a character that is not within the subset, you will see this dialog...

If you click on Replace font, you can then select a font to replace it with in this dialog...

This will replace the PDF font with the selected font wherever it is used. Alternatively, you can click on ignore and you won't be warned about this again in this session.

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

  • Keyboard shortcut graphic will no longer pop up when a document or website with page transitions are set.

  • Drag and drop will now work when running the program immediately after installing or updating
  • When selecting the website option in Web Properties > Export, the Logo, Navigation and PDF options are now disabled.
  • Insert > Table will now go to the correct location in the Content Catalogue
  • (PDF) Fixed an issue which caused certain fonts to be rendered as times new roman
  • (PDF) Improved font kerning accuracy when importing PDF documents
  • (PDF) Fixed an issue which caused font replacement to not work correctly when selecting a specific family
  • Fixed an issue that caused extra whitespace to appear at the bottom of certain web pages after export
  • Updated description for page transitions in Web Properties > Page.
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