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Version 20.8 Update

Date: 1st February 2021

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Release notes:

We've Just released an update for Designer Pro+. The program should let you know on startup that an update is available, or go to Help > Check for Updates.


CMYK Color Profiles

Further improvements from our last update, you can now select a color profile to use for onscreen CMYK conversion, or upload your own ICC color profile.

Color profiles controls the way that CMYK colors appear on your monitor, giving you a close representation of how it will look when printed.

For more information, please see the Color Profiles article here.

PDF Filename in Web Export

When enabling the PDF download button for web export, the PDF's filename will now match the documents filename. For example, if your documents filename is ReleaseNotes.xar, the PDF filename will be ReleaseNotes.pdf 

Selector Tool Handle Visibility

Selecting very small objects previously caused certain resize handles to not appear at 100% zoom (or, depending on the object, at an even greater zoom). We've improved this by showing the resize handles at all zoom levels, no matter how small the object is.

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

  • Further improvements to PDF import reliability and accuracy
  • Fixed an issue which caused certain text lines to end too early in PDF files
  • Improved PDF import speed with documents that have large number of shapes
  • Fixed an issue which caused problems with text links in text panel components
  • Fixed an issue which caused tiling rectangles to not be exported properly when set to full width
  • Fixed an issue which caused errors to occur after copying and pasting repeating and non-repeating objects together
  • Fixed an issue which some documents to not open due to SmartShapes
  • Fixed an issue which caused some tables to not export correctly when exporting to DOCX
  • Fixed an issue which caused some tab positions to be imported incorrectly when opening a DOCX document
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Line Gallery controls to be disabled until a folder is selected
  • Fixed an issue which caused an error when exporting to PDF with a CMYK profile embedded

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