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How to enable or disable 'Make groups be transparent as a whole'.

Make groups be transparent as a whole

Designer Pro+

When applying transparency to a group, by default Designer Pro+ will apply it to the group as if it were one object. If you turn this option off, Xara will apply transparency to each object separately.

Since version 20.8 onwards, this options has been moved to the registry. To enable or disable this option:

1) Close Xara (Important!)

2) Go to Start > Run > Type 'Regedit' and press enter

3) In the left hand side, navigate to:

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Xara\XtremeProSub x64\17\Options\Attributes

4) Double click on 'GroupTransparency'

5) Enter 1 to enable this option, or 0 to disable this option

6) Click OK, then close the registry and start Designer Pro+ back up.

Designer Pro X

You can enable or disable this option by going to Utilities > Options > View

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