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Google Fonts

Google Fonts

What are Google Fonts?

Google Fonts is an online collection of open source, maintained by Google that allow you to install them on your computer for use in design as well as website work.

Are Google Fonts available in all versions?

  • Designer Pro - Full support
  • Photo & Graphic Designer - partial support. Google Fonts can be intalled and used within the program but are not supported when exporting your website
  • Page & Layout Designer - Full support
  • Web Designer Premium - Full support
  • Web Designer- No support

What makes using Google Fonts different to embedding any other font in my website?

Once installed on your computer, Google Fonts are just the same as any other font installed in Windows meaning that you can use it in other applications. However when it comes to exporting your website from Web Designer, Google Fonts differ from regular installed fonts because they are intelligently recognised by Web Designer as being a Google Font. This means that Xara program does not need to embed the font again as it's already available online in an embedded form. This reduces the amount of files published to your website, and means that when visitors go to your website, they are getting the embedded font from Google servers instead of your own, reducing the load on your server.

Using other installed fonts that you have got installed on your computer will still be embedded, provided that is permitted. See the support article for more information on this.


How do I install a Google Font?

  • Select the Text Tool
  • click the Font drop down list
  • Under the 'Web safe fonts' section is a new 'Google fonts' section.
  • Click the Add link next to this heading
  • In the browser window that opens you can search and filter fonts by name, style or attributes, as well as change the preview size of the fonts in real-time with the slider at the top.
  • Fonts with a > on the left of their name means that there are multiple varients of that fonts family
  • Click on the font name and a dialog box with prompt you to confirm that you want to install this font.
  • You will then be able to select the font from the Font drop down list and apply it to text in your website.


How do I uninstall a Google Font?

To uninstall a Google Font is the same process as uninstalling any other font in Windows;

  • Go to Control Panel > Fonts
  • Right click on the font and choose Uninstall/Remove


How does Xara handle multi weight Google fonts?

Some Google fonts, such as Exo, provide a wide range of weights. In these cases the meaning the ‘Bold’ option changes subtly. Font weight values can be from 100 (typically very light or skinny fonts) to 900 (very heavy or black fonts). Instead of always selecting a given bold weight, applying Bold (selecting the B button, or using Ctrl+B when editing text) works as follows:

Main Text weight Weight selected when 'B' is applied
100 to 300 (Thin/Extra Light/Light) 400 (Regular)
500 to 500 (Regular/Medium) 700 (Bold)
600 to 900 (DemiBold/Bold/Extra etc) 900 (Black)


Can Google fonts be used in Print documents?

The fonts are TrueType and can also be used with any print document - a PDF for example or a MS Word export.


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