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Version 21.2 Update

Date: 18th May 2021

Version Number:

Release notes:

We've Just released an update for Designer Pro+. The program should let you know on startup that an update is available, or go to Help > Check for Updates.


WebP Import

Designer Pro+ can now import WebP images as well as export them. As with other image file types, you can simply drag and drop a WebP image file onto your document from Explorer, or use File > Import to browse for your WebP file.

New Timelines & Smart Diagrams

These are in the following folders of the Online Content Catalog:

Components > Print & Web Components > Timelines
Components > Print & Web Components > Diagrams

These components have internal elements that can be easily re-arranged, duplicated or deleted, without spoiling the designs.

Use the new handles to easily add and remove nodes within the timelines and diagrams:

Other improvements and Bug Fixes


  • Improved handling of Word's 'At least' line spacing option on import.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a Locked background shape moveable in Word after export.
  • Other general Word export improvements.


  • Fixed an issue that caused certain failures when importing PDF files.
  • Fixed an error when rounding an oval shape.
  • Fixed an error when repeating a text inside shape object.
  • Fixed an error when importing large WebP files.
  • Fixed an issue what caused the WebP export to be affected by the JPG retina setting.
  • Fixed an issue that caused shadows to not be exported correctly on SVG
  • Fixed an error when zooming caused by brush strokes
  • Fixed an issue which caused a PNG to lose transparency when re-saving.
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