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Version 21.6 Update

Date: 6th December 2021

Version Number:

Release notes:

We've Just released an update for Designer Pro+. The program should let you know on startup that an update is available, or go to Help > Check for Updates.


Wider SVG Support

We can now export many more types of graphical object to web using SVG, to fully take advantage of the great support for SVG among modern web browsers.

That means there are fewer bitmap images to download, so your websites load faster - with all the usability and SEO benefits that brings. What’s more, your content will also look sharper as SVG.

Flat, linear graduated and circular graduated fills all now export as SVG. Which means it’s now possible to build graphically rich web documents and websites that have no images to download at all!

New Live Copy Options

Live Copies allow you to create multiple copies of any image that can be updated simultaneously with a single edit (similar to Repeating Objects, but more flexible since you can have multiple Live Copies on a single page and they don’t have to be in the same position). It’s a valuable time-saving feature for illustration and document creation.

We’ve made numerous improvements, which will make working with Live Copies easier and more flexible, you can find full information in the Release Notes.

Flexible new options for Live Copies include splitting into Live Copy sets

Multi-Line SmartFields

SmartFields are another great time-saving feature of Xara Designer Pro+, offering an efficient way to deal with commonly used text phrases that you want to insert in multiple places in text.

In this release we've increased your opportunities to benefit from SmartFields by adding support for multi-line SmartFields.

Online Help

The Help file has been moved online, which will allow us to update it between software upgrades, and integrate it with the online knowledgebase articles, to create a more comprehensive and up to date help resource.

Other Improvements

As usual with Pro+ updates we've included a host of small but useful enhancements and fixes. In this release that includes:

  • Improved AI import, including support for more recent AI versions.
  • Wrong font sometimes applied to text in PDF export. Fixed.
  • PDF form field import/export fixes.
  • Spelling dictionaries updated.
  • Web publishing (sFTP). Compatibility problems with some external hosting services solved.
  • SVG file with linear gradient failed to import. Fixed.
  • Overlapping text in exported SVG. Fixed.
  • Error sometimes shown moving mouse pointer over text inside shape. Fixed.
  • Clipped Opacity Mask Group incorrectly rendered after move. Fixed.
  • Dead accent key handling fixed, when working on text inside smart components.
  • Canonical links in conventional websites now reference the correct page filename.
  • rel=”noopener” can now be stripped from a web link with a blank target by applying the name “opener”.
  • WebP web export option could sometimes be auto enabled when saving a template after applying a page background. 
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