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Version 21.7 Update

Date: 17th February 2022

Version Number: 21.7

Release notes:

We've Just released an update for Designer Pro+. The program should let you know on startup that an update is available, or go to Help > Check for Updates.

What's New

Building Better Websites with SVG

Modern web browsers offer great support for SVG, so since 21.6 we've been steadily building the types of graphical object that Xara automatically exports to the web as SVG. In 21.7 we add elliptical fills, wall shadows, mix and multiply transparency. We've also improved support for exporting groups as SVG.

Bottom line: It’s now possible to build graphically rich websites and web documents that have no bitmap images to download at all, and that means your pages load faster. That's great news for usability and for SEO, since faster pages bring better page rank. Bonus: your content will look a lot sharper as SVG.

Faster Websites

In addition to the SVG changes, we’ve made some refinements to the exported code that will significantly improve page load speeds, for the benefit of your SEO. In our tests mobile page load speeds were 15% faster!

Shape Tool

A nice improvement for vector illustration, with the introduction of an easy way to maintain the angle of the bezier curve when you drag its handles to change its length in the Shape Tool.

Other Improvements

As with every Pro+ update we've included a host of small but useful enhancements and fixes. In this release that includes:

  • TIFF import: Support for zip compression added.
  • PDF Import: Better results with imported shapes.
  • Default photo optimization resolution increased to 300dpi for print documents.
  • Serious error importing an AI file with missing data. Fixed.
  • Opacity mask group on Live Copy rendered wrongly after Live Copy edit. Fixed.
  • Resize of photo filled shape changed shape to rectangle. Fixed.
  • Serious error on starting text edit due to mis-handled font. Fixed.
  • Serious error with repeating objects on guides layer. Fixed.

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