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Web Designer Release

Date:  13th April 2016

We’ve just launched a new version of Web Designer and Web Designer Premium.  

What's new in Xara Web Designer 365

Webdesigner 365 Release Notes


Program Trial
A trial version is available for download from


  • Enhanced sticky objects (scroll and then stick to top)
  • 40 new on reveal animation types
  • 30 ‘scrolling animations’ including parallax effects
  • Editing enhancements for Xara Online Designer
  • Material Design icons added to Font Awesome symbols
  • New SmartShapes including charts and photo grids
  • New content including all 166 business themes!
  • The 365 Update Guarantee

The 365 Update Guarantee

The simple explanation is that it’s a way for you to access new features and content as and when we develop them in the year after you purchase. You can find out more about that at

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