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Font Awesome symbols

What are Font Symbols?

These are fonts that contains numerous high quality symbols, icons or generally useful graphic designs.  This was created as a font as a way of using such symbols in web pages. Like all fonts, the shapes are resolution-independent vectors. So we have included the font, and an easy way to view all the symbols, as a way to incorporate the symbols either as a font in text or as raw vector graphic.

How do I insert a Font Symbol?

Select the menu Insert > Font Awesome Symbol, to view the picker. Scroll down to view all the symbols. Just tap a symbol to insert it into the current document.

From Version 12 (2016):

Symbol Font Updates

We’ve added Google’s Material Designs symbol font to the symbol picker and Content Catalogue, increasing the range of symbols available to over 1500.

You'll also be alerted if an updated version of a symbol font is released, or when we add more symbol fonts. Installation of the new or updated fonts is automatic. It's important that you choose to accept these updates because the symbol picker and Content Catalogue always show symbols from the newest font versions, so if you're not up to date you may find symbols you choose to insert don't work on your device, if it has an out of date version of the font.

Symbol Search

The symbol fonts are now searchable - enter a keyword in the search field of the symbol picker to find matching symbols in any of the symbol fonts supported. These symbols also appear in the Content Catalogue under the Symbol Fonts category.

Replace Symbol

To replace a symbol, right-click on it and choose Replace symbol… from the context menu. This brings up the symbol picker, where you can search for a new symbol. You can also use this operation in bulleted lists to replace the symbol used for the bullet points. Place the text caret in the list, right-click and choose Replace symbol…

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