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How do I upgrade to Xara 3D Maker 7?

Either click on the Buy Now link in the start up screen of the Xara 3D Maker 7 trial or go directly to the website purchase page:


i. Click on the Buy Now button in the Upgrade section.

ii. Enter the user name and password associated with your original purchase or registration of Xara3D 1 - 6 and click Continue.

If the price shown in the shopping cart is not the upgrade price then it is likely that you have entered an incorrect user name or password or - if you purchased your older version offline or from a reseller - that it isn't registered.

You can check that you have the right email and password by signing in to your account (top right corner of, selecting the option 'Xara Modules, Affiliates and older Xara software' and you should see Xara3D in the product list. If it is not there, then it is likely you used some other email and password for your original purchase, or you purchased from a third party and have not registered your copy.

Xara3D 5 and 6 can be registered by clicking the Register link in the help. For earlier versions or if you cannot remember your email and password, contact our sales team using the form at for further instructions.

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