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How do I use repelling text?

The repelling text feature, also known as liquid text allows you to wrap text around an object.

Any object can have 'Repel text under' applied to it causing text which is below the stacking order of the object to wrap around the object. 

Enabling Repel on an object is easy.  Click on an object or even a group within your page with the right mouse button and select Repel text under.  Set the repel margin from the text repelling properties window and click on the button labelled Repel.

You will find almost all objects in the Designs Gallery have repel applied to them allowing you to drag and drop them on to your page so that the text in your page automatically flows around the object. 

For this to work correcly the text object must be below the object to be repelled, in the stacking order.

Try this example:

Select the QuickShape Tool and draw a QuickShape on the canvas
Right click on the QuickShape and select 'Repel text under...' set the Repel Margin to 0pix and press Repel.
Select the Text Tool
Click and drag on the canvas to create a text area
Press Ctrl + Shift + L to populate the text area with sample text
Switch to the selector tool to select the text area
Choose Arrange > Put to back
Drag the text area over the QuickShape
The text should repel around the QuickShape


Improvements From V12

Rectangular Repelling option

If you make a non-rectangular object repelling, by default the text flows tightly around the object, following its outline, as demonstrated by this ellipse on the right. Now you can choose to make the text repel around the rectangular bounding box of the object instead, ignoring its outline, as for the second ellipse below left.

This rectangular repelling option is also more efficient if your document or website has long text flows and has a lot of repelling objects that are also anchored to the text (as both ellipses here are). Therefore this is now the default option when you turn repelling on for rectangular objects. Non-rectangular objects, such as the above ellipses and transparent PNGs default to ‘tight’ repelling around the shape, or transarent parts of a PNG bitmap.

You can control the repel margin - how close the text comes to the edge of the repelling object.

You can access this dialog by right clicking on the item to repel, and selecting the Repelling & Anchoring… option, which also appears under the top level Arrange menu.

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