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Can I insert a mailto link in Xara Web Designer?

Xara allows you to apply a link to any object.  Simply select the object you wish to apply an email link to,  open Web Properties from the Utilities menu and click on the Link tab.

Select the radio button labelled Link to web address and enter the email address to which you wish the email to be sent.

Entering will automatically update the link to be

mailto links are encoded in Xara Web Designer.  You can also see the full address in the status bar as you hover over the e-mail link in an exported web page, but the email address will not be shown in the HTML file thus protecting the email address from being targeted by spambots.

You can also populate other fields within the email.  Assume you wanted to set the subject of the email.  This can be achieved by entering the following into the Link to Web Address field. Subject 

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