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The template installer cannot find an unlocked version of my program.

The template installer can display an error when attempting to install the templates when it is unable to find an unlocked version of the program (Designer Pro, Photo & Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Web Designer Premium por Page & Layout Designer).

We recommend you initially checking your installed program to ensure it has been unlocked and activated.  A quick way to do this is to run the program and select Help followed by Affiliate Program.  Does the affiliate dialog display?  If yes then the program has been unlocked and the template installer should succeed.

This problem can also occur when you have installed the program with your security software enabled.  It's likely that the online communication required during the unlocking phase worked correctly, but the actual extraction and installation on the local system was partially obstructed by some security based software resulting in an incomplete installation.

We recommend you uninstall the program and disable any virus protector and any other security based software and then re-install the program prior to re-activating it. 

Upon completion, run and close the program and then attempt to install the templates.

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