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How do I apply meta tags to my web page?

Xara Web Designer & Designer Pro  allows you to apply page title, description and keywords for each individual page in your document.  Additionally a default title, description and keywords can be applied globally to every page in your document.

Select Web Properties via the Utilities menu and click on the Website tab.  Apply a title, description and keywords which are relevant to your website. If an individual page in your document does not have any meta text applied, then the meta text from the website page will be applied to the page on export.  This is therefore a quick way to apply generic meta text to all the pages in your document.

Clicking on the Page tab will enable you to apply the meta text for the selected page.  This allows you to have a specific title, description and keywords per page in your document.

If you wish to apply your own meta tags, you can do so in the Web Properties > Page/Website > HTML code (head) section - Web Designer Premium and Designer Pro Only. Applying it in the Page tab will apply the meta tags to that page only. Applying it to the Website tab will apply it to all pages on export.

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