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All articles & guides relating to using, configuring and creating beautiful designs in Xara

  1. General

    1. Smart Duplication
    2. How to enable or disable 'Make groups be transparent as a whole'.
    3. Resizing, Rotating and Skewing Shapes using the handles
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  2. Web Features

    1. WebP File Format
    2. I'm getting error when trying to add a mobile variant
    3. Export Tab
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  3. Photo Features

    1. Magic Color Match tool
    2. Does Xara integrate with external photo editors?
    3. Exif
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  4. Text Handling

    1. Font Awesome symbols
    2. Google Fonts
    3. Text Styles
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  5. Drawing tools

    1. How do I create an embossed look in Xara ?
    2. How do I draw a brush line with the line color shown in the Brush drop list
    3. How do I maintain the aspect ratio when resizing a shape with rounded corners?
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  6. Publishing

    1. How do I transfer saved FTP profiles between program versions?
    2. I receive the message ‘Video not found’ when attempting to play my .mp4 file after publishing my website.
    3. Why can I not select my linked object after exporting my site?
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  7. Smartshapes

    1. What is a SmartShape?
    2. Tables
    3. Pie Charts
  8. Content Catalog

    1. What is the Content Catalog?
    2. How do I download and install the Web Designer templates?
    3. The Designs Gallery
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  9. Xara 3D Maker

    1. What is the character limit in Xara3D
    2. Printing GIF/JPEG/PNG files created by Xara3D results in poor quality results
    3. Can I create 3D logos in Xara3D?
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  10. Printing

    1. Is tile printing supported?
    2. Xara fails to print correctly to my printer.
  11. Animation

    1. Can I link objects to frames within a Flash animation?
    2. Can I export animations in the AVI movie format?
  12. Import and Export

  13. Web Animations

  14. Color Handling

    1. ICC Color Profiles
    2. Text and Paragraph Backgrounds
    3. Adobe Reader displays black as grey.
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  15. Responsive Web Design

    1. Live sharing across variants
    2. How do I create additional variants for my website?
  16. Page, Layer & Document Handling

    1. Can I open my files in newer versions of Xara?
    2. How do I view additional pages within my document?
    3. Can I create a double page spread larger than A4?
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